Creative Marketing – The bait that brings in more clients

Creative Marketing – The bait that brings in more clients

A pastime I really enjoy is fishing. It is just such a great combination of good things. The beauty of nature surrounding you; the fact that most of the time, you get to just kick back and relax; the thrill of the catch; and knowing that once you’ve cast in your line, the work has been done, and all that’s left is waiting. I think that is the best part!

That is exactly what happens when you combine marketing with creativity and strategy.

You have probably heard of positive reinforcement. It is rewarding positive behavior with something good.

People LOVE positive reinforcement…And by using it as a marketing strategy, you will too.

There are several businesses all around us (you have probably used one yourself) that have massive banners, or even special days, where you can buy one and get one free. Alternatively, sometimes they have a sale, great discounts on everything!

I even have a loyalty card for my favorite coffee spot (I am sure the card has something to do with it being my favorite); I have to buy like 6 coffees and I will get one free. But, hey! It is a free coffee nonetheless.

These are creative marketing strategies, which lure in clients and hopefully hook them with your company’s awesomeness in the future.

Smart little things like loyalty cards and promotions are things that you get to leave in the water, knowing that eventually, you will have another bite. And clients love to be rewarded!

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