Toasted Cheese and Tomato is the way to go…

Toasted Cheese and Tomato is the way to go…

After a long day of working and sitting in traffic, I got home to the comfort of a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich on my plate.

How did they know?

I really love toast… I really love toasted cheese sandwiches… Toast and meat, is there anything that could beat that? (My sincerest apologies to all the vegans reading this)

So I admit, I’m being bias – but I get crazy passionate about these things!

Why does it feel like I’m in love with my sandwiches? Why do we love food, in general, with such violence and passion? (yes, apart from the fact that we need it to survive)

I took a moment to think about that, when suddenly it hit me: When I discuss all the ingredients necessary for that perfect dish – it doesn’t really do it for me. But, when I imagine it, smell it, taste it; my tummy starts a’ rumbling.

The moment I stepped into the room and took in my first whiff of toasted bread and melting cheese, it was as if I already had it on my tongue.

We were designed for experience. We have five different senses made JUST for experience.

Intellect and understanding, alone, is not enough to engage with us as people. We want experience.

What’s the practicality behind this?

To have clients do our marketing for us – word of mouth –  and (more importantly still) to have them coming back for more, we need to have something they sense as soon as they walk into the room; something irresistible and intoxicating.

Your product, your people, your Facebook page, and your vibe need to be toasted cheese and tomato to the hungry tummies entering your site or building!

I admit, I’m not the greatest chef; heck I mess up eggs most of the time. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy great food…

At Mirror Marketing you get highly skilled chef’s, with a passion for excellence. They know exactly what ingredient you need in your marketing campaigns to have clients drooling for a bite. Get in contact with us 🙂

Let them leave satisfied – this is the best kind of marketing there is.