When it comes to packaging – it’s best to step outside the box

When it comes to packaging – it’s best to step outside the box

Product packaging matters. It is what your client sees first. Either, when compared to competitor products, your packaging will be exciting, or people won’t even notice you.

Stats suggest that most new products fail. Not because the product is useless – it might even be revolutionary! They fail because of packaging. When walking down the isle of a massive store, or scrolling through hundreds of similar products on Amazon, people don’t have the time to look at every good and bad attribute of every product. So what do they do?

They look at the packaging.

Think outside of the box

The power of packaging is that it shows how and why your product and brand is different and worthy of consideration. It has to be attractive to your potential customers.

Target market, target market, target market…

If your packaging is supposed to set you apart, you need to know what makes you different! The packaging must communicate your company’s purpose and your purpose must resonate with your buyers. Know the people, and you’ll know what to do.

It’s not about how expensive your packaging is; it’s about how it engages

To do this, you don’t need to break the bank. Your packaging can be simple and still feel personalized and meaningful. Brands like Apple don’t have all kinds of bells and whistles – yet, their minimalistic packaging epitomizes chic-ness! Judging by the amount of ‘unboxing’ videos posted – people love Apple’s packaging.

You need to make sure your clients love your packaging.

What do you want your clients to feel when they encounter your packaged product?

This will influence what they think about you and ultimately what they do… Buy or Goodbye!

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