Corporate Photography – Big shots for the bigshots!

Corporate Photography – Big shots for the bigshots!

Whether it’s to have a great LinkedIn profile, a team page that creates engagement or even for your marketing material; you want professional pictures representing your business and your team.

Corporate photography is all about the image you create in your viewer’s eyes. It’s important to note that it’s not just about taking photo’s while everyone is suited up – it’s an art and has purpose. There are many different kinds of corporate photography, all of which exist to achieve a specific result. We will look at some of them today.

Studio Portraits

The first one we look at is Studio Portraits. This is by far the easiest corporate shots to take.

Lighting plays an undeniably critical role in any photography, but more so in corporate shots. When you take studio portraits, you have full control of the lighting, making it the easiest way of taking high quality, powerful corporate shots.

Outdoor Corporate Shots

Companies want corporate shots taken, to give clients a face-to-the-name. People tend to feel like they know more about a brand if they have a face they can look at. Because of this, studio shots sometimes fall short where outdoor shots work magic.

By either photographing the offices or a location that resonates with the company’s mission, you create a sense of belonging and identity that normal studio shots don’t create.

Beware, though, because you have much less control on lighting, making your job much more difficult as a result.

Paparazzi in the office

This is a very effective way of giving potential clients a “fly on the wall” experience. Instead of taking a shot of someone’s face, you can shoot him or her in action.

This is perfect for a summary feature of your company. It gives readers insight into what your company does and why you’re good at it.

Team Together

I love group photo’s because we all know that though the big guys on the front line do incredible things, they are often supported but the unacknowledged staff in the back. Those folks laying the groundwork and making sure that all functions smoothly, is a part of the team. Taking a professional group photo shows respect and regard for those people, and tells the world that you are a team working together to provide them with your best.

Common Head Shots

Of all styles and kinds, these are the most common of corporate shots.

We see them on LinkedIn, websites, article bio’s, brochures and much more…

For some, this might seem boring, but if done correctly, the image can be very flattering and powerful in creating and maintaining a brand.

Contact Mirror Marketing today for an expert’s opinion on what kind of styles would best suit your company and the image you want to create.

Have any questions or comments? Leave them down here and I’ll get back to you soon…

Professional Product Shots are essential – right?

Professional Product Shots are essential – right?

“Don’t judge a book by its cover!”

This is so true and wise. We are surprised when we look past the “cover” and discover things we never imagined. Nonetheless, have you ever wondered where the saying even comes from?

It’s really simple – people do not read books with boring or amateur covers, no matter how fantastic the actual pages… This is also true for your business.


  1. Studies have shown that your visitors remember only a 5th of what they read! The rest are things like pictures and visual hooks. People are judgmental, we’ve established that! The better your product shots look, the more you’ll sell.
  2. Are you doing business or is it your hobby? Your product shots will either boldly state that you’re here doing business and that people can buy quality things from you, or cause them to doubt your legitimacy and remain sceptical. You want to gain more customers, not scare them off.
  3. It is easier for people to buy tangible products. They get to hold it and test it. Once they experience their life with your product, it solidifies their need and they jump right onto the wagon. With online business, there are no tangible products to hold. Your product shots need to be so professional that it becomes tangible in their minds. Put them in the picture and they’ll put your product in their pockets.

But it’s not so easy to take these professional pics yourself, right?


To get the most bang for your buck, you want someone who understands what you see in your mind’s eye, someone who can recreate that for you!

  • You should hire someone who has experience in taking product shots. Taking excellent portrait pictures will not automatically qualify a photographer as the perfect candidate; there is an art to taking professional and persuasive product shots. Find yourself a specialist.
  • Ideally, you want someone who has experience with a similar product or industry.
  • Don’t forget to look at samples and ideas. This not only helps you find the right photographer, but it also makes it so much simpler to explain what you have in mind.

It can be quite a mission to find the perfect match; we get that. That’s why we suggest you make it simple and cut out the drama and interviews, the uncertainty and checklists. Contact Mirror Marketing today for your product shots!