It’s funny how since I started my own company, my entire perspective on boss/employee relations has changed.  Traits that used to drive me crazy about former bosses now seem very reasonable and have become part of my everyday management style.

Is this a case of the dog finally smelling it’s own shit? Or did I actually learn something from those bosses?

Here are some things I’ve noticed I’ve started to do as a boss:

  1. Nitpicking

Is that one pixel off really going to make a difference? Is anyone going to notice?   As an employee, I would have said no, but as a boss, HELL YES IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE! FIX THAT PIXEL!

  1. Mindreading

As an employee, I never understood what my boss expected of me and often felt I wasn’t given enough direction.  Today I understand, that what my boss expected was for me to take more initiative.  Bosses are looking at the big picture, the reason they hired you is because they trust your capabilities.  Prove to them that you are worth it.

  1. I wanted this done yesterday

As an employee, literally every single project was due yesterday.  This used to drive me crazy! Why did my boss give this to me so last minute? Don’t they realize I have a lot on my plate?  As a boss, I now know that I was just given this project last minute as well.  I’m just as annoyed/stressed as you are.

  1. You’re lucky to have me

Employees in all lines of work feel this way.  We work hard and want our boss to acknowledge it.  Today as a boss, I do try to keep this in mind.  It is vitally important and it’s easy to forget your employees when you’re caught up looking at the bigger picture.

  1. Don’t micromanage my time

I used to sit at my desk, spend hours on Facebook and leave my actual work to the final hour.  This was something I hid from my boss (sorry!), but at the end of the day, I did get my work done and did a pretty damn good job.  As a boss, it’s so easy to micromanage your employees and how they spend their time.  But, what I have realized is that employees are more productive if you give them to freedom to manage their own time while at work.  I personally don’t care if my employees play Angry Bird, as long as all deliverables are up to standard and submit on time.

6. Easy for you to say, you don’t make 10$/hr

As an employee, there is the assumption that your boss is bringing home the bacon.  As a boss, I now know how untrue this is (albeit it may not be the case for everyone).  An employee gets to go home with a regular salary and knows what to expect.  As a small business owner, I assume all responsibility for late/unpaid customers invoices, overhead, office expenses, salaries, etc.  I try to pay myself as little as possible so that my business can grow.

Employees are quick to point fingers at their boss, but you need to remember this is their company and they have almost everything invested in this, so for them, these things do matter.  Instead of complaining when they drive you crazy, remember they’ve trusted you with their baby, and this says a lot about their faith in you. Stay tuned for the next post on emotions in the workplace.