is pleased to announce the first ever BUY CANADIAN DAY, presented across Canada on June 25, 2016. The focus of this event is to encourage consumers to purchase at least one product made in Canada on that day. This powerful initiative will help spotlight Canadian retailers & manufacturers, encourage local shoppers to buy Canadian first, and boost Canadian pride leading up to Canada day.

This is a key event that will highlight retailers of Canadian-made products across the country. BUY CANADIAN DAY will educate consumers about the extensive selection of Canadian products available nationwide, it will promote retailers that support such goods, and hopefully increase the demand for products made in Canada.

Consumers: Leading up to the event, join the Buy Canadian First Newsletter in order to receive updates on new Canadian products, promotions and contests. And on June 25, buy Canadian first!

Manufacturers: Join the Buy Canadian First network in order to promote their Canadian products on

Retailers: Participate in BUY CANADIAN DAY in order to promote the fact that they sell Canadian-made products, and put their business on the map!

Founded in 2008, Buy Canadian First encourages Canadians to buy products made in Canada. The Buy Canadian First website, and active social media platforms, showcase thousands of Canadian-made products to consumers on a daily basis. Through BUY CANADIAN DAY, and other initiatives throughout the year, Buy Canadian First continues to increase awareness of the availability of Canadian-made products. Something all Canadians can be proud of!


Buy Canadian First Presents
Saturday, June 25, 2016
At Retailers Across Canada!

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